Let Yourself Be LOVED

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you thought someone was being “too nice,” and you had a hard time believing that their words and actions were true?

Or do you struggle with letting someone really love you, care for you, and reflect back to you all the amazingness that is you?

The ONLY reason we ever have a hard time giving and receiving love is FEAR…

Fear we’ll be abandoned
Fear we’ll loose our identity/world
Fear that we’re not worthy of love
Fear we’ll give too much of ourselves, and not have it returned
Fear that if we reveal the “real us,” we’ll […]

You Always Get the Essence of Your Energy

Over the weekend, I met with a client who is really starting to get the hang of how to more deliberately manifest her desires.  However, she had a bit of a gripe she wanted to discuss with me about the process, namely this…
She wanted to know why sometimes she was able to create or manifest exactly what she wanted, as in she manifested the exact car she wanted…  but other times, she could only get what she would call “Close – but, no cigar.” like the home she and her husband bought that was lacking in location and […]

Love in a Way that Lets the Other Person Feel Free

Every experience we have, including falling in love, comes with a light and shadow side.

When we stand in our power or LIGHT, we are able to celebrate all of our Love’s attributes; from their wit and confidence to their sense of humor and physical appearance, we bask in the glow of the beauty they emit.

However, when left unchecked, our ego or SHADOW side can also become activated by our Love’s attributes. This activation often causes us to want to control or possess the other person, for fear that they — and the good feelings they give us — are […]

You Can Be Feminine + Fierce

There’s an interesting thing that happens in your life when you make it your mission to follow a certain vision/- and that is…

Life gives you the perfect opportunity to practice what you preach.

In my Intuitive Soul-Sessions, I often share with women about the importance of connecting with their feminine energy.

I explain how you can be soft, honor the divine, utilize your creativity, fulfill your desire for community, and nurture yourself and the people around you…

AND still be powerful enough to get the things you want and need.

That there is a way to climb the corporate/creative ladder and fulfill your […]