Spiritual Path to Sex, Love + Soul-Mates

Lots of people, while they desire it desperately, hold false ideas and limiting beliefs that block them from experiencing the healthy levels of sexuality, spirituality, and intimacy that a happy and healthy relationship can bring.

One of the most common reasons for this is that many cultures, religions, and even families have handed down fear-based ideas about these things from […]

Stepping Into Your Feminine Energy

When I began intentionally connecting with my Feminine Energy, and no I don’t mean using my physicality to get ahead, but getting in touch with what it really means to for me to be a woman, a deeper understanding of who I am, and what choices would bring me the most satisfaction were revealed to me. Hence, helping me […]

Do You Want to Be Right or Loved

While there are somethings in life that we have collectively agreed upon as correct, things like time, math, gravity, and certain scientific laws, many other areas of our lives are strictly a matter of opinion or belief.  For example, you may believe that in order to have a strong family connection, you all need to sit down together at […]

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