Evolution of the Soul

Evolution of the Soul…

It’s happening, just as it always does… spiritual transformation, expanding consciousness, and the releasing of old paradigms and beliefs, as I experience the evolution of mental and emotional metamorphosis.

And just when it feels like I’m going break from the expansion taking place… a path appears to take me deeper than I’ve been before, and a way is made to give higher expression to that which I am called to be… and to share with you. ~ ❤ M

StopB4UStart Documentary

I recently had the honor of participating in a documentary called “StopB4UStart.” The mission behind the film is to empower teens and young adults to stop using alcohol and drugs before they start.

10 Reasons Why Forty is FABULOUS

The French poet, Victor Hugo once said that “Forty is the old age of youth.” and W.B. Pitkin, the American philosopher said that “Life begins at forty.” And, as someone who now finds herself just on the other side of thirty-nine, I am of the opinion that both these points are valid, depending on your perspective.  Yep, just a few short months ago I made my transition into the fabulous forties, and with it I’ve had some rather amazing epiphanies and revelations. 
To be honest, the year leading into this decade I did have my tizzy moments. Those times when […]

Do You Want to Be Right or Loved

While there are somethings in life that we have collectively agreed upon as correct, things like time, math, gravity, and certain scientific laws, many other areas of our lives are strictly a matter of opinion or belief.  For example, you may believe that in order to have a strong family connection, you all need to sit down together at the dinner table at the end of the day to share your stories and experiences, and you might find that your spouse or life partner grew up believing that sitting down together to eat simply wasn’t that important to the […]