3 Things You Need to STOP Doing to Have a Healthy Relationship

I am a firm believer that there are as many ways to live life, as there are people living it.  And, whenever you get two people together, whether in romantic or platonic relationship, there are bound to be differences of opinion as to how the relationship should unfold.  However, these differences of opinion don’t give either of you the […]

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Don’t Take Relationship Advice from People Who Don’t Really Care About the Outcome

I first started giving advice to people about their relationships when I was about ten years old.  I was the girl that others would go to in order to get “hooked-up” with the current object of their desire.

And in each situation I’ve ever been tapped to facilitate a connection, or to help navigate a relationship challenge, I’ve always been […]

Be the Person of Your Dreams

Any where you go, there you are, regardless of time, space, place, or situation.

What this means is that EVERYWHERE you go, you take the REAL YOU/- your thoughts, beliefs, fears, and perspective, with you.  So, even if you join the new fancy gym, buy the top of the line daily planner, or hire a premiere matchmaker to help you […]

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